• Valkyrja is a fully autonomous UAV flying wing designed for military and civilian purposes.

  • Automatic


     and landing.

    Automatic flying robot is the best choice for reliable and comfortable flight. Check for launch acceleration!

  • Simplicity

     is the ultimate


    Only simple things have the highest level of complexity hidden inside. Things that make you difficult to work with are not desighned well.


Idea was to create the simplest and most reliable intelligence aircraft for the Ukrainian military. The goal was to give opportunity to fly to as many people as possible, and to make it as simple and quickly operative as it should be.

Valkyrja UAV

ASU-1 Valkyrja is an unmanned aircraft system designed for military and civilian use to provide monitoring, aerial reconnaissance, video surveillance and correction of artillery fire during the day and night.


Valkyrja has encrypted long range digital telemetry datalink and analog online video transmission from all types of payloads as option.


Even the most reliable thing can be broken. You always can get help and replacement parts you need.


Valkyrja comes with user guides and required documentation, but you will get also a few days learning and practice to be ready to fly.


Currently Valkyrja UAV is delivered to Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard and Special Operations Forces as volunteer help. Idea to make fully autonomous, easy operable and reliable UAV was achieved, and have ideas for futher improvement.


Wingspan 160 cm
Endurance 120 min
Cruise speed 60 km/h (38 mph)
Take off type Automatic from hands or bungee
Landing type Automatic belly landing
Takeoff Weight 3,5 kg
Communication &
control range
35 km
Material EPP foam,
carbon frame structure,
composite elements

Payloads & Equipment

Applications & Servises